Workforce in Slovenia

Workforce in Slovenia

Updated on Friday 05th June 2015

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The quality of the workforce in Slovenia is one of the many reasons that attracts foreign investors to this Central European country. Slovenians are productive and hardworking and specialize in a large number of business fields. Young workers have university degrees and older workers participate in lifelong learning programs. 
Employers in Slovenia who want to hire personnel must observe the legislation for employment and grant their employees their legal rights. Our law firm in Slovenia can give you detailed information about the labor costs in the country.

Labor force in Slovenia

The quality of the workforce in the country is one of the reasons why foreign investors choose to open companies in Slovenia. Other reasons include the country’s geographical position, the possibility to increase the market share and good infrastructure.
The quality of a Slovenian company is also given by the quality of its employees and Slovenians know this very well. People in Slovenia are qualified and hardworking and are constantly looking to improve their skills. English is the most popular foreign language among Slovenians, followed by German, Italian or Croatian. Most of the population is able to have a conversation in at least two foreign languages: an important asset for foreign investors.

Hiring employees in Slovenia

Employers need to conclude written employment contracts with their employees. The duration of the employment is stipulated in the contract, but special types of contracts include part-time employment contracts and contracts for temporary employment. In Slovenia, the maximum amount of working hours per week is 40.
The labor costs in Slovenia for the employer include the minimum wage, the social security contributions and various reimbursements. Our attorneys in Slovenia can give you detailed information about hiring employees in Slovenia.
You can contact our law firm in Slovenia if you have any questions regarding company registration in Slovenia.