Virtual Office in Slovenia

Virtual Office in Slovenia

Updated on Monday 25th June 2018

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Establish your business presence in Slovenia

A virtual office in Slovenia is an excellent choice for foreign investors who want to enjoy all of the benefits of having an established presence on the Slovenian market, but at lower costs than in the case of a traditional office. Our law firm in Slovenia has experience in company incorporation matters and our attorneys can offer you professional virtual office services.
The services of a virtual office can be more suited for certain types of companies in Slovenia, such as businesses that are already registered in the country and need to have another operational office in another Slovenian city. Also, the services of a virtual office are frequently requested by foreign investors who want to enter this market with a small initial investment. 
The virtual office is also recommended in the case of young entrepreneurs or for those who start their first business with a small capital as there are relevant costs that are not employed in this case (rent, utilities, equipment). The investor will only have to pay for the services chosen when operating through the virtual office.  
The following video offers a short presentation on the Slovenian virtual office:


What are the main services of a virtual office in Slovenia?

A virtual office in Slovenia can offer a set of services that can be of use to those who want to develop a business there. Our Slovenian law firm can provide complete virtual office package that includes a number of services for companies. The most commonly requested services, included in the basic package, are the following:
  • a business address in Slovenia necessary for corresponding with clients – as a general rule, the business address is in a prestigious area of a Slovenian city;
  • a registered office, which is a  mandatory requirement for establishing a new company in Slovenia;
  • a local phone number in the Slovenian city where you want to perform various business activities;
  • mail collection and mail forwarding: we collect your mail, sign the receipt and re-send the packages to an address of your choice;
  • fax services - incoming and outgoing fax calls and voice mailbox (any received voice messages will be forwarded to you as per your instructions).
Moreover, our Slovenian lawyers can help you submit any necessary documents with the relevant Slovenian authorities. By using a power of attorney, the representative at your Slovenian virtual office can also collect bank statements and act on your behalf in a series of matters, which represents a relevant tool in the situation in which the investor is not in the country in a specific moment. 

What other types of services are available for foreing investors in Slovenia? 

If you are looking for more than a virtual office in Slovenia, our team of Slovenian attorneys is ready to help you in various legal matters and in litigation cases. We offer complete legal services and legal counselling, regardless of the types of business. Our Slovenian lawyers can legally represent you in commercial or family law matters.
Related to the business environment, our team of attorneys can provide legal advice on the provisions of various types of contracts and may advise on the tax requirements imposed to local businesses. Furthermore, investors can receive advice on how to reduce the level of taxation following the tax regulations available here. For other business consulting services and a complete offer, please contact our attorneys in Slovenia.