The Share Capital in Slovenia

The Share Capital in Slovenia

Updated on Saturday 18th November 2017

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The_share_capital_in_Slovenia.jpgCompanies with share capital in Slovenia

According to the Slovenian company law, there are certain types of companies that require a minimum share capital to be incorporated and other business forms for which a share capital is not necessary. The companies with share capital in Slovenia are: the public limited company, the limited liability company, the limited partnership with shares.
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Share capital requirements in Slovenia

A minimum share capital must be deposited in a bank account created for the company at the time of the incorporation. This amount varies according to the type of company and the contribution can be made in cash, in assets or it can be a contribution of both. For the joint-stock company (public limited company) at least one third of the share capital should be monetary, rather than in the form of assets.
The following video offers a short presentation on the minimum share capital in Slovenia:

For the limited liability company the minimum share capital is 7,500 EUR while for the public limited liability company the amount is 25,000 EUR. For the limited liability company, the minimum amount for each subscribed contribution must be 50 EUR and for the public limited company the minimum nominal amount of one share is 1 EUR. For both of these companies, the liability of the shareholders is limited to the amount invested in the minimum share capital.

Opening a company in Slovenia

For companies with share capital, the Articles of Association must contain information about the share capital of the company, the share issue amount, share classes (if applicable), the class of shares acquired by the shareholders, cash and assets contributions made by the partners. 
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