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Residency by Investment in Slovenia

Updated on Monday 28th June 2021

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Residency-by-Investment-in-Slovenia.pngThe legislation regulating immigration matters in Slovenia stipulates that foreigners can obtain residency by investment, in the case in which the applicants meet the requirements stipulated by the law. Thus, foreigners who want to open a business in Slovenia are entitled to obtain residency here when making an investment
The Slovenia residency by investment procedure has to be initiated by the applicant who wants to invest in this country; for information on the legal requirements imposed in this sense, you can always address to our team of lawyers in Slovenia. We also invite you to read the information presented in this article, as it will provide relevant details regarding this subject. 

How can foreigners apply for Slovenia residency by investment? 

The process for obtaining the Slovenia residency by investment can be influenced by the nationality of the applicant. Slovenia is a member state of the European Union (EU) and it thus differentiate between persons who are citizens of the EU arriving here (based on the free movement of persons regulations applicable in the EU) and citizens of third party countries. However, all foreigners will need to comply with the following: 
  • the requirements for obtaining the residency by investment are stipulated by The Employment, Self-Employment and Work Aliens Act 2015
  • in order to be eligible, applicant must be able to invest EUR 50,000 in the local economy;
  • all applicants must have an age of at least 18 years old at the moment when the application is made;
  • foreigners applying for Slovenia residency by investment must also take into consideration that all the procedures that have to be met will generally be completed in a period of 1 to 4 months;
  • through this, the foreigner will benefit from the legal pathway to permanent residency (which can be obtained after 5 years of living in Slovenia) and to Slovenian citizenship (the applicants are eligible after 10 years of continuous living in Slovenia).

Requirements to apply for the Slovenia residency by investment 

The list of the documents one has to prepare can be presented by our team of Slovenian lawyers; here, we will present the prerequisites of the procedure; please mind that, although in most of the situations, foreign investors do not have to be personally in Slovenia in order to complete the necessary procedures, in certain situations, their presence may be necessary. Below, our law firm in Slovenia has prepared the highlights of this process: 
  • first, an invitation to work in a Slovenian company has to be made – the invitation will be made for the investor who wants to set up a business here, in which he or she will become an employee;
  • the foreigner can become an employee in the Slovenian company (that he or she will register here), if certain conditions are met; 
  • when we refer to the residency by investment, besides the minimum capital, investors must invest in certain types of assets;
  • the main assets that are eligible are fixed assets, intangible assets and property (movable and immovable);
  • the procedure will start by opening the Slovenian company and selecting the suitable investment sector. 

What are the main steps in opening a Slovenian company? 

As said above, the main procedure the investor should first comply with when applying for Slovenia residency by investment is to set up a company. As a general rule, most of the foreigners will select a limited liability company, due to the fact that it provides multiple benefits to its founders and protection against company’s debts. 
Besides these, the capital requirement, of EUR 7,500, represents an accessible way to set up a business here; for the procedure of opening a local business, our team of Slovenian lawyers remain at your disposal. You can rely on our team when preparing the incorporation documents and during the steps that have to be completed with the local institutions. 
Common aspects to be completed are: opening a corporate bank account, obtaining a tax number for the company’s founders, obtaining business permits in accordance with the business sector in which the company develops its operations (where applicable), finding a suitable office space to be used as the headquarters of the company, register with the tax institutions and obtaining the company’s accounting documents. 
Although the process itself is not very complicated, it is best to receive legal representation from our law firm in Slovenia, as there are numerous steps, documents and procedures that have to be competed not only during the registration of the company, but also in the process of obtaining the residence permit. This is why we highly recommend you to contact our team of Slovenian lawyers