Open a Merchant Account in Slovenia

Open a Merchant Account in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 27th June 2017

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Open-a-Merchant-Account-in-Slovenia.jpgCompanies operating in Slovenia may set up a merchant account if they carry their business activities as a traditional business. However, online businesses are required to open a merchant account, as a primary manner to conclude their daily transactions. Businesses in Slovenia can register a wide range of merchant accounts and our team of Slovenian lawyers can offer advice on the most suitable type of accounts. At the same time, our lawyers can offer legal representation during the registration procedure. 


Types of merchant accounts in Slovenia  

Slovenian companies can set up different types of merchant accounts, depending on the business activities of the respective legal entities. In Slovenia, investors may request the registration of the following mechant accounts:
internet merchant account;
retail merchant account;
smart phone merchant account;
phone or mail merchant accounts;
wireless merchant account;
high risk merchant account
A Slovenian merchant account is established as a contractual relation between the following: 
the company that needs a merchant account;
the service provider; 
the bank. 
In order to register a merchant account, the investors will have to provide a set of documents and our team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer legal assistance on the procedure. It is important to know that our Slovenian law firm can represent the investors in this matter through the power of attorney

High risk merchant account in Slovenia  

The high risk merchant account is available for companies in Slovenia that have recorded financial difficulties, such as bankruptcies. At the same time, the account is applicable for companies which carry their business operations in specific industries, such as: 
tourism industry;
PC technical support;
foreign exchange trading;
adult products;
adult services;
electronic cigarettes;
diet supplements;
nutritional supplements;
online gaming;
online gambling. 
In these particular cases, the service provider will impose higher transaction fees, a situation which is applicable regardless of the service provider chosen for collaboration. 
For more details on the registration of a merchant account, please contact our law firm in Slovenia