Insurance Law in Slovenia

Insurance Law in Slovenia

Updated on Sunday 19th March 2017

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Insurance-Law-in-Slovenia.jpgThe insurance legislation applicable in Slovenia was modified several times in the last two decades, to comply with modern regulations. At the same time, the insurance law was also modified in 2000 in order to be harmonized it with the European Union’s (EU) directives in this sense, as at the moment the country prepared its accession to become a member state of the Community. Companies operating in this field are required to respect the regulations of the Insurance Companies Act, on which our team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer legal advice. 

Insurance Act in Slovenia 

The applicable Insurance Act in Slovenia was amended throughout the years several times, in order to harmonize with the European directives, last modification being available starting with 1 January 2016. 
The legal document provides regulations on the activities carried out by insurance brokers and insurance agents
Insurance in Slovenia is established through insurance contacts, which are set up in accordance with the type of insurance policy that will be concluded and our team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer legal advice on this matter. 
Companies in Slovenia operating in the insurance field are required, under the provisions of the Insurance Act, to conduct business activities addressed to both life and non-life insurance contracts, as specified by the Article 2. 
Article 2(2) specifies the different categories of insurance policies that can be completed in Slovenia, as well as on the matters covered under the insurance contract


Code of Obligations in Slovenia

As a general rule, the insurance contract law is established through the Code of Obligations, which provides the legal framework in this field. 
The Slovenian Code of Obligations is organized on the following three sections: 
general provisions which are applicable to all types of insurances available in this country;
provisions designated for non-life insurance;
provisions related to the insurance of persons
Slovenia offers other types of insurances, such as insurance for various industries (aviation, automotive), as well as credit insurance, but also reinsurance
Persons who need to find out more details on the Slovenian insurance legislation are invited to contact our law firm in Slovenia for legal assistance.