Corporate Law in Slovenia

Corporate Law in Slovenia

Updated on Wednesday 11th January 2017

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Corporate-Law-in-Slovenia.jpgThe Corporate Law in Slovenia provides the legislative framework applicable to companies operating on this market. The Corporate Law is available under the Companies Act, the main rule of legislation that must be respected by all companies incorporated in this country, regardless of their type of legal entity. The Companies Act provides regulations referring to the types of companies that can be incorporated in Slovenia, the rules they must follow in terms of taxation and compliance with the local authorities, as well as relevant procedures applicable when the company is dissolved. Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer legal advice on the Corporate Law

Slovenian Companies Act  

The Slovenian Companies Act was recently updated, and the latest modifications became applicable starting with August 8, 2015. The updates were introduced to respond to the current needs of the business environment, as well as to improve the quality of the Slovenian corporate matters
The Act is applicable to a wide category of legal entities, as prescribed by the Article 1 of the regulation: 
companies registered in Slovenia for commercial purposes;
sole proprietorship;
The new act also aligns with the regulations applicable at the level of the European Union (EU), as the country is a member state of the Community. 
According to the Article 3 of the Act, companies which fall under its regulations are the following: 
personal companies: unlimited company, limited partnership, dormant partnership;
companies with share capital: limited liability company, public limited company, limited partnership with share capital, European public limited company. 
Our team of attorneys in Slovenia can offer in-depth information related to the specific steps required for the incorporation of the above mentioned business forms. 


Types of companies in Slovenia  

Under the Companies Act, companies in Slovenia can be categorized in accordance with their size. Article 55 provides the following categories: 
micro companies;
small companies;
medium sized companies
large companies
The above mentioned categories are determined based on the number of employees, the income deriving from sales, but it also depends on the value of the company’s assets
Businessmen interested in finding out more information on the Slovenian Corporate Law are invited to contact our law firm in Slovenia