Commercial Law in Slovenia

Commercial Law in Slovenia

Updated on Monday 28th November 2016

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Slovenia has made considerable efforts to reform its legal framework ever since it has joined the European Union on May 1, 2004. The efforts were made in order to create an environment that allows Slovenian businesses to grow to the most favorable level in the EBRD region. Joining the European Union forced Slovenia to get in line with the standards and legislations set by EU.

Slovenian laws have regularly transposed EU Directive and they regulate all corporate, commercial and financial activities. The country’s legal system is comparable to the ones of other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. However, even if the country has a liberalized market and has seen progress in privatization in the past years, Slovenia still has a great deal of nationalized enterprises and financial institutions. In terms of concessions, Slovenia benefits from an updated legislative framework. 

The Companies Act in Slovenia

This act regulates all the activities conducted by a legal entity starting with the company registration and up ending with the its liquidation in Slovenia

The Commercial Law in Slovenia

There are seven general acts part of the Slovenian commercial law:
  • -Act regulating the Exports of Dual-Use Good,
  • -Act on the Dual Display of Prices in Dolars and Euros,
  • -Consumer Credit Act,
  • -Consumer Protection Act,
  • -Decree on Conditions for Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signing,
  • -General Product Safety Act,
  • -Price Controls Act.

The Act regulating the Exports of Dual-Use Good in Slovenia

This act regulates the control measures for exports of dual-use items for countries not governed by the regulations specified by the European Union in this field, or when the EU regulations authorize member states to regulate the field in their national regulations. However, it does not apply to exports that are regulated by other acts.

The Act on the Dual Display of Prices in Dollars and Euros (ZDOCTE) in Slovenia

During the period of transition to Euro as an official currency of payment in Slovenia, the obligation of dual display reference and the dual display of prices and good and services provided to customers is governed by this act.
The purpose of this reference is to provide a transparent transition in Slovenia, but also allows customers to adjust to the new currency, adapting gradually. This act also prevents a higher inflation rate through comparable prices.

The Consumer Credit Act in Slovenia

The customer is defined as a person who acquires goods or services for personal use, not for purposes regarding professional or for profit activity. In Slovenia, a company is generally known as any legal person or organizational form that is performing in the business of offering goods or services.

The Consumer Protection Act in Slovenia

Consumer Protection Act specifies the role of Market Inspectorate of RS as a surveillance authority for market activities.This act regulates consumer rights in relation to legal entities.

Decree on Conditions for Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signing

The Electronic Signature in the Republic of Slovenia is regulated by the Decree on Conditions for Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signing.This Decree defines in detail individual conditions from the Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature Act (ECESA), amended in 2004. The main significance provided by the Act is that it extends the validity  of the electronic signature like the autographic signature if certain conditions are met

The  General Product Safety Act in Slovenia

This act adopts provisions of General Product Safety Directive. Please contact our lawyers in Slovenia for more information regarding the Commercial Law in Slovenia. We will make sure to provide you with all the necessary details.