The Benefits of the European Blockchain Hub to be Opened in Slovenia

Cryptocurrency and blockchain investments have become one of the main concerns of the global economies, as numerous investment opportunities can derive from this new economic activity. Slovenia is also one of the countries that welcomes blockchain activities and the local technology community will start an European Blockchain Hub, that is set to become the leading blockchain hub which can gather various types of investors and stakeholders. Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can advise on the main procedures related to investments concluded in the field of blockchain

The purpose of the Slovenian blockchain hub 

The main purpose of the Slovenian blockchain hub will be the development of blockchain technology on the local territory, as well as the promotion of start-up companies operating in this sector. It is important to know that the Slovenian blochchain initiative received international support from public institutions in Malta, Luxembourg and Germany. 

Slovenia, an attractive destination for blockchain businesses

Slovenia is determined to become of the main destinations for blockchain businesses, by promoting digitalisation and modernisation in all business areas. Slovenian companies that operate in the blockchain sector work closely with the local government, in order to increase the value of this segment. Our team of Slovenian lawyers can offer legal advice on the main requirements imposed to blockchain startups
A particularity of the Slovenian economy is that the local authorities are also interested in introducing blockchain applications in the country’s public administration. In this sense, the Slovenian regulatory agencies and governmental bodies have already started the foundation of a pilot project that will be introduced in the state administration, a situation which is not usually encountered in other European states. 
However, businessmen who want to start a business related to this industry should know that initial coin offerings and investments in virtual currencies have not yet been regulated under the local law. 
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