Strong Employment Outlook in Slovenia

The Slovenian employment shows a strong outlook, as for the last quarter of 2018, the local employers have declared a high level of confidence. More importantly, the employment outlook predicted by the Slovenian employers is one of the highest not only at a regional level, but also at an international one. Businessmen who want to run a business in Slovenia and hire local workforce can receive advice on the employment regulations applicable here from our team of Slovenian lawyers

Employment in Slovenia in the last quarter of 2018

Foreign businessmen who want to start a business in Slovenia should know that the net employment outlook expressed by the Slovenian businessmen stands at 19%, increasing by 6% compared to the same period of the previous year (last quarter). 
Slovenian employment reached an important achievement, as it is now ranking as the third country on the employment outlook at a global level, and as the first jurisdiction on this matter at the level of the EMEA region (comprised of countries located in Europe, Middle East and Africa). 
As the end of the year is approaching, a period known for its increased consumer activity due to the Christian holidays and the New Year’s celebrations, 20% of the Slovenian employers consider that they will need to hire more personnel. This is an aspect that will be experienced by companies operating in all types of business activities, as all industry sectors will need more employees

Top employment sectors in Slovenia in the last quarter of 2018 

However, the highest employment is expected to be seen in the Slovenian construction sector. Other top sectors that will need more employees are the following: 
financial sector;
real estate sector;
business services sector. 
Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can assist local and foreign investors with legal advice on the main requirements imposed to the employees working in the above mentioned industries. 
Also, it is necessary to know that other business sectors have reported strong employment levels, as follows: 
transport sector;
storage sector;
communication sector
In these cases, 2018 represents the year in which the hiring rate is the highest in the last eight years. Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Slovenia for advice on any employment matter.