Slovenian GDP Grew by 5% in 2017

The gross domestic product (GDP) in Slovenia grew by 5% in 2017, as mentioned by the latest data provided by the country’s statistics office, compared to 2016, when the growth rate stood at 2.5%. The Slovenian GDP accounted in 2017 for EUR 43.3 billionincreasing by 7.1% compared to the previous year. Several economic sectors had the highest impact on the local economy – such as the construction sector, which stands out as the main contributorOur team of Slovenian lawyers can advise businessmen on how to register a company in one of the leading economic sectors available here. 

Slovenian economy in 2017 

Just like in the previous year, one of the main drivers for the development of the Slovenian economy was the external demand, represented by an increasing export activity, but internal demand was also relevant for the economic outcome of 2017
In 2017, the level of exports concluded by Slovenia increased by 10.6% and the fourth quarter of the year marked the highest expansion rate - 12.3% (computed on a year to year basis). 
As mentioned above, the construction sector was the most important economic activity that contributed to the local GDP. The construction sector increased by 11.4% at the level of 2017 and our team of lawyers in Slovenia can provide in-depth assistance on the regulations concerning this industry. 
It is important to know that the highest growth rate of the Slovenian GDP was achieved in the fourth quarter, when the local economy increased by 6% (on a year to year basis), while the third quarter of 2017 registered an increase of 4.5%

The characteristics of Slovenian exports in October 2017 

At the level of October 2017, the Slovenian exports were mostly carried out with member states of the European Union (EU)76.4% of the total exports were carried out with EU countries, while the top trading partners (for both import and export activities) were Germany and Italy
The total level of exports amounted for EUR 2,606.4 million at the level of October 2017
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