Slovenia will Impose Eco-Friendly Regulations for the Local Transportation System by 2030

Slovenia-will-Impose-Eco-Friendly-Regulations-for-the-Local-Transportation-System-by-2030.jpgBy 2030, the Slovenian government will impose new regulations for the transportation system. Through the new rules,  vehicles which run on alternative fuels will be better represented on the local market, while the classic types of vehicles (running on diesel and petrol) will be banned from registration. Companies selling vehicles running on classic types of fuels should know that the local legislation does not strictly prohibit the registration, but the regulations for the car’s carbon footprint allow at the moment only the registration of eco-friendly vehicles. Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer in-depth information on the legislation related to the local transportation system

Slovenian policies aiming at eco-friendly cars 

Although the classical cars have not been banned under the new policy, the carbon footprint established by the Slovenian representatives 50 grams of CO2 per kilometer, can be currently achieved only by the following types of vehicles
electric vehicles;
hybrid plug-in vehicles
Companies selling hybrid or electric cars in Slovenia can benefit from the new measures taken by the local authorities, who want to expand the infrastructure for the charging stations necessary for such vehicles
In 2020, there should be 1,200 charging stations (up from 227 in present), in 2025, the infrastructure should have 7,000 charging stations, while in 2030, the Slovenian market should provide 22,300 charging stations.
The estimates on eco-friendly cars (hybrid or electric) show that 17% of the total number of vehicles operating in Slovenia should be represented by these types of  cars, which will account for 200,000 units. Our team of Slovenian lawyers may provide further information on the policies available here for companies selling hybrid and electric vehicles

Car sales in Slovenia  

According to the data provided by the Slovenian Statistics Office, in 2016, the local market registered 1,470,000 new vehicles, which represented an increase of 2% compared to the previous year. 
The eco-friendly vehicles sold on the local market represented just a small percentage, but the values are increasing from one year to another. In the first eight months of 2017, 900 electric vehicles were sold on the Slovenian market, which represented an increase of almost three times higher than the value registered in the same period of 2015. 
Investors interested in finding out further information on the regulations applicable to car companies are invited to contact our law firm in Slovenia