Slovenia, the Top Jurisdiction for Innovation in Southeastern Europe

Although Slovenia is a small European country, its business environment is rather developed and more and more businessmen are attracted to this jurisdiction. The quality of the business market in Slovenia is sustained by its level of innovation, which is the most developed in the Southeastern Europe, as stipulated by the latest edition of the Global Innovation Index, in which the country ranked as the 30th jurisdiction at a global level. Our team of Slovenian lawyers can provide in-depth information on the main incentives available for local and foreing businessmen. 

Innovation businesses in Slovenia  

Innovation in Slovenia is an important field of activity, sustained by the local government. Slovenia is one of the most developed markets in this sense and it organizes a wide range of events addressing to this sector. 
Some of the businesses in Slovenia are specialized in providing a wide range of innovative products, such as:
new motors for bicycles;
heating systems, integrated in new models of ski boots;
golden nanoparticles, which have a direct application in medicine and high-precision diagnostics;
hemp biodegradable materials, with a wide application in numerous industries. 
smart street lighting systems.

Innovation in Slovenia by 2020 

Due to the fact that innovation is of major interest in Slovenia, the local authorities have created a strategy regarding this sector. The main document which stipulates the innovation strategies that are of interest for this country is the Research and Innovation Strategy of Slovenia 2011-2020our team of lawyers can inform investors on other regulations available on this matter. 
The document was created in order to establish measures that, by 2020, will increase the quality of life through certain aspects, such as the higher quality of the Slovenian workplaces. At the same time, the document aims at increasing the value of the employment market in Slovenia and, more importantly, to increase the gross domestic product (GDP) allocated to this sector by 3.6% (no later than 2020). 
Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Slovenia for more information regarding this subject.