Slovenia, the Leading Jurisdiction Among Southeast Europe Countries for Retaining Talent

According to the data provided by The Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2018, Slovenia is the leading jurisdiction amongst the Southeast Europe countries for retaining and attracting talent. The data was computed taking into consideration certain factors regarding employees’ competitiveness and Slovenia stands out as one of the main countries in this sense, as it benefits from a young workforce. Our team of Slovenian lawyers can assist investors with more details on the local workforce and may advise on the employment regulations applicable by the local institutions. 

Factors on retaining talent 

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2018 analyzed the market conditions available in 119 countries and 90 cities
The study takes into consideration the below mentioned factors, which are relevant in talent competitiveness
regulatory framework, business environment, labor conditions;
attracting talent;
growing talent;
retaining talent;
vocational and technical skills;
global knowledge skills
Overall, Slovenia occupies the 28th place in the new edition of The Global Talent Competitiveness Index, and its best performing pillars, from the ones mentioned above, were the following: 
global knowledge skills;
vocational and technical skills;
retaining talent
Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can advise investors on the regulatory framework available for the development of employees’ skills

Slovenian workforce 

Slovenia has a young workforce, the highest rate (67.5%) being represented by persons with an age between 25-49 years. The second category is represented by employees with an age of 50-64 years (24.7%)
The third category of employees, with a share of 6.3% of the entire Slovenian workforce, is given by young persons with ages between 15 – 24 years. Persons with an age above 65 years account for 1.4% of the total workforce
Slovenia invests in developing the level of education and training of the local workforce and it is characterized by the following: 
43.4% of the persons with an age between 30-34 years have completed tertiary studies;
a high level of IT skills and digital literacy;
70% of the Slovenian citizens have language skills (command in at least two foreign languages). 
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