Slovenia, in Top of the Best Southeast European Countries Regarding Competitiveness

Slovenia is positioned as the leading jurisdiction in the Southeast European countries on matters concerning competitiveness, as revealed by the latest edition of the Global Competitiveness Report. Amongst the Southeast European (SEE) countries, Slovenia improved its score, reaching 69.9 (from a total of 100), which credits the country with the 35th rank amongst the countries included in the Global Competitiveness Report, continuing its evolution registered in the last years. Our team of Slovenian lawyers can assist with advice on the regulations addressed to foreign businessmen interested in investing here. 

Main findings of the study regarding competitiveness in Slovenia 

The new edition of the Global Competitiveness Report included new parameters concerning the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which should provide a clearer image on the economic development of a country. Some of the main aspects that were revealed when discussing on the Slovenian economy are presented below: 
Slovenia occupies the 1st place on matters related to macroeconomic stability (alongside with other 30 countries);
it is on the 24th place for business dynamism;
it represents the 27th economy on product market;
for innovation capability, Slovenia is the 28th country. 
On matters referring to the workforce’s skills, Slovenia comes on the 29th rank, while for health, institutions and infrastructure, it occupies the 34th place and the 35th, respectively; our team of lawyers in Slovenia can provide in-depth information concerning any employment matters in this country. 
Another positive aspect of the Slovenian economy refers to the information and communication technology sector and the usage of it, for which the country was positioned on the 43rd place. 
Businessmen who want to open a company in Slovenia should also know that the country is mentioned in the Report with a positive outlook on the costs for setting up a business
In the previous Report (concluded in 2017), the country performed well on matters such as: 
business sophistication;
technological readiness. 
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