Slovenia, Amongst the Leading Jurisdictions for the Future of Manufacturing Production

Slovenia is amongst the top 25 global jurisdictions for the future of manufacturing production, as revealed by a study presented at the World Economic Forum. The study – The Readiness for  the Future of Production Report 2018 - analysed 100 countries on the manner in which they are prepared to face the field of manufacturing production in terms of the fourth industrial revolution that will include new technologies. Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can advise foreing businessmen on the regulations applicable at the moment to manufacturing companies

Indexes for manufacturing production in Slovenia 

In order to evaluate correctly the current situation of manufacturing production in Slovenia and the future of this sector, the study took into consideration numerous aspects, such as:
complexity of the country’s economy;
technology and innovation;
global trade and investment;
institutional framework;
sustainable resources;
demand environment
Overall, Slovenia is a very competitive country, as for the complexity of the local economy, the jurisdiction ranks as the 12th one at a global level
Businessmen interested in opening a company in this country in the field of manufacturing should know that Slovenia ranks as the 18th economy for the added value of this industry to the country’s gross domestic product. 

The best sectors for the Slovenian economy  

At a global level, Slovenia is the third economy for the issuance of scientific and technical publications and one of the main countries which have developed measures to promote sustainability (5th rank), being as well the 5th economy for the availability of sustainable resources. Our team of Slovenian lawyers may provide further information on the legislation referring to sustainable activities available for local companies.
A key factor that should be taken into consideration by investors searching for a suitable market for manufacturing production activities refers to the quality of the employees. Slovenia ranks as the third country for the employment of persons working in the manufacturing sector (calculated as a share of the total Slovenian workforce). 
Another positive aspect of the Slovenian economy refers to the import-export activities. In this sense, Slovenia is the 14th global economy for trading activities. Investors may contact our law firm in Slovenia for consultancy services related to the manufacturing industry