Local Regulations for Public - Private Partnerships in Slovenia

Private - public partnerships in Slovenia are established for several types of activities, especially for infrastructure projects. These types of partnerships can be set up by both natural persons and legal entities and foreign parties are also eligible for participation. The private - public projects are regulated under the Law on Public - Private Partnership, which can be detailed by our team of Slovenian lawyers

Slovenian legislation for public - private projects 

The Law on Public - Private Partnership (PPP) establishes the entities that can participate in such projects and sets up the manner in which concessions can be provided here. Concessions in Slovenia are available for projects and activities that are performed in the public interest, through the assistance of a local institution. Certain fields of activities, where concessions can be awarded, are governed by separate rules of law, for matters such as:
natural resources;
The Law on PPP encourages the participation of entities operating in the private sector in infrastructure projects. Legal entities operating in Slovenia can enter a public – private partnership in the following infrastructure activities: 
The above mentioned activities can be established through two main types of agreements, as follows: 
public procurement partnership;
concessional partnership.
Our team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer in-depth assistance on the regulations of the public - private agreements, as well as on the parties that can enter such contracts

Eligible private entities in Slovenia 

The legislation on this matter allows the participation of foreign entities regardless if they act through a company registered in Slovenia or a foreign company. Branches of foreign companies are also entitled to participate and these contracts can also be established through a special purpose company or a joint-venture. The latter can be comprised of both local and foreign businessmen. 
The procedure for awarding a concession project is performed through a public tender and the applicants will be verified by professional commissions on the compliance with the requirements of the respective project. 
Businessmen interested in entering a public - private partnership are invited to contact our law firm in Slovenia for legal assistance on the applicable legislation and the participation requirements.