IMF: The Forecast on the Slovenian GDP Growth, Raised at 4%

IMF-The-Forecast-on-the-Slovenian-GDP-Growth-Raised-at-4.jpgThe forecast on the Slovenian gross domestic product (GDP) was drastically revised by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The projections for 2017 have been modified from the previous estimate of 2,5% to 4%, revealing a more solid economy. More importantly, the projections for 2018 were increased, from 2% to 2,5%. The data was confirmed in the latest edition of the World Economic Outlook, provided by the IMF. Investors interested in starting a business here are invited to find out further information on the policies provided by the local goverment for investment purposes from our team of lawyers in Slovenia

Slovenian economy  

Like all other European economies, Slovenia was also hit by the economic crisis, which had an impact on the local business sectors until 2013. Since 2014, the Slovenian economy started to gradually increase, and in 2016, the GDP growth was established at 2,3%, exceeding the estimates for the respective year. 
The estimates on the GDP per capita for 2017 were set up at $ 21,061, while for the next year, the value will rise a bit at $ 21,852. Businessmen interested in opening a company in Slovenia must also know that the unemployment rate has also gradually decreased, starting with 2014. 
If at that moment, the unemployment rate had a value of 9,7% of the total labor force, in 2016 it decreased at 7,9%, while the projections for 2017 and 2018 show even lower rates, of 7% and 6,6% respectively. Our team of Slovenian lawyers can provide in-depth assistance on the employment regulations applicable here. 


Main economic sectors in Slovenia 

The main economic sectors in Slovenia are represented by the following:
The top employer in Slovenia is represented by the services sector, accounting for 60,2% of the total workforce and the field is also the main GDP provider, representing 65,4% of the total GDP
The top economic activities representing the services sector are: 
financial services;
commercial services;
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