IMF: Slovenian Economy to Grow by 3% in 2017

IMF-Slovenian-Economy-to-Grow-by-3%-in-2017.jpgThe International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that the Slovenian economy will grow by 3% throughout this year, an increase which represents a stronger prospect for 2017 than the original prediction, which situated the local economy at a growth of 1.8%. Businessmen interested in registering a company in Slovenia can have very attractive prospects in various fields and our team of Slovenian lawyers can offer legal assistance on the main legal framework regulating the local industries. 

Slovenian economy in 2017  

According to the representatives of the IMF, the Slovenian economy should maintain its reform policies, which have already had positive results. However, it is important to know that Slovenia was recommended to increase the level of privatisation and, in this sense, numerous steps have already been completed. 
Those interested in opening a company in Slovenia in the financial field should know that IMF also recommended to modify the current policies related to the pension system applicable here, to further increase the economic prospects of the country. 
The highest achievements of the Slovenian economy were represented by the following:
the development of private consumption;
investment level;
export growth. 
The above mentioned factors had a strong influence on the economic growth upgrade received by Slovenia, alongside with a strong business sentiment
With the increase projected for 2017, the Slovenian economy is on its fourth year of consecutive growth and the IMF stated that the country provides financial stability. 
Persons who are interested in purchasing a property in Slovenia must know that at the moment, the country does not apply a real estate tax, but the IMF suggested that the local taxation system should also include this tax. Our team of attorneys in Slovenia can offer legal assistance on the applicable taxation system for real estate purchases

Main economic fields in Slovenia  

The Slovenian economy is represented by certain economic fields in which foreign businessmen are welcomed to invest. 
The top economic fields are the following: 
logistics and distribution. 
Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Slovenia for more details on how to invest in this country.