Arbitration Court in Slovenia

Arbitration Court in Slovenia

Updated on Friday 05th June 2015

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According to the Slovenian Arbitration Act, the Ljubljana Arbitration Center is the competent authority for judicial matters related to arbitration. The Ljubljana Arbitration Center operates independently at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. The Arbitration Center deals with the resolution of domestic and international disputes.

The arbitration agreement in Slovenia

An arbitration agreement is concluded by the parties and includes their consent to submit to arbitration all or certain specific disputes that may arise between them, whether they have been foreseen or not. 
An arbitration agreement can be concluded as a separate agreement between the parties or it may be included as an arbitration clause in a contract. In Slovenia it is required that this type of agreement will be done in writing. 
The intention to submit the disputes to arbitration proceedings needs to be expressed clearly by both parties. Our Slovenian attorneys can help you draft agreements to include special arbitration clauses.

The arbitration procedure in Slovenia

In order to commence the arbitration procedure in Slovenia, a request for arbitration must be submitted to the Ljubljana Arbitration Center. After filing the request, the Claimant must pay a registration fee and include the proof of payment with the request for arbitration.
The request for arbitration generally includes:
  • - the names, addresses and other contact detail of the parties;
  • - a copy of the arbitration agreement;
  • - a description of the dispute;
  • - the remedy sought by the parties;
  • - the estimated monetary value of the claim;
The cost of the arbitration is calculated based on the amount in the dispute. Both parties must pay half of the advance for arbitration.
The parties may agree on the number of arbitrators. However, the default number of arbitrators in Slovenia is three. There are no special requirements for an arbitrator to be qualified as a lawyer in Slovenia. However, he should have experience in law, economics or other relevant fields
Special procedures apply to matters related to employment law. If the arbitration concerns a labor dispute, the Labor Court is the competent authority that decides specific arbitration matters.
For more information about arbitration in Slovenia, please contact our law firm in Slovenia.