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Register a Trademark in Slovenia

Register a Trademark in Slovenia

Updated on Friday 05th June 2015

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Intellectual property laws in Slovenia

In Slovenia you can register a trademark for patents, intellectual property, industrial designs, and certificates.

Slovenia has signed the Madrid Agreement and is a member state of the European Union which enables a person to obtain a trademark protection in Slovenia if the registration process takes place within the European Union. The trademark protection is enabled in 27 member states of the European Union, Slovenia being one of them.

Our Slovenian lawyers can guide you through the trademark registration process in Slovenia and other EU member states.

Trademark registration process in Slovenia

In order to start the registration process an application form must be submitted to the Slovenian Patent Office. The application must be submitted by a local agent that requires a non-legalized power of attorney. Foreign applicants do not need Slovenian residency to register for trademark protection.

In Slovenia there are 3 ways to register a trademark:

  • -a national trademark can be registered with the State Trademark Office;
  • -the community trademark can be registered with the O.H.I.M. system and is available for all EU member states;
  • -the international trademark can be registered with the W.I.P.O. system an you can obtain protection for your trademark in Slovenia.

The Slovenian registration process for the trademark requires a formal and a substantial examination. The most important part of the examination is the classification and the descriptiveness of the trademark. If any of those are incorrect or if anything is missing it will be a reason for refusal.

The process of registering a trademark in Slovenia will take about 12 months from the application. The trademark will be published in the “Bilten za industrijsko lastnino” and a three month period must be concluded. Once the registration has been approved you can obtain the Slovenian Certificate of Trademark Registration.

Validity of the trademark registration in Slovenia

The Slovenian trademark registration is valid for 10 years and can be renewed for another 10 years after its expiration. A trademark must be used within 5 years after receiving the registration otherwise it can be cancelled.


If you need representation for registering a trademark, our law firm in Slovenia can provide you with a number of services and legal advice on different matters. Please contact our attorneys in Slovenia for further information in this matter.



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