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Real estate due diligence in Slovenia

Real estate due diligence in Slovenia

Updated on Monday 28th November 2016

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Due diligence is a term used for a number of concepts involving an investment, having a particular standard, in a business' or person's favor, prior to signing a contract or an act.

For example, real estate due diligence in Slovenia helps a buyer or an investor ensure that there are no unforeseen problems with the asset or investment and the price offered is not higher than the real value of the market.

Why is needed real estate due diligence in Slovenia?

Decisions to long term success in real estate transactions needs a solid base and, as a complement to real estate evaluations in legal, tax and financial fields, a real estate transaction usually requires elaborate technical expertise by real estate due diligence in Slovenia.

Depending on customer requirements, by real estate due diligence in Slovenia the experts can specialized analysis in several steps, for example by preparing an overview of real estate, real estate expertise and specialized expertise of the building.

Increasing complexity of the investment objectives and high demands of customers in terms of variability require an expert advice and by real estate due diligence in Slovenia, the real estate investor can benefit from technical expertise before buying, taking into account important criteria such as state building, facilities, functionality, flexibility, reliability and maintenance costs.

What includes due diligence in Slovenia?

Real estate due diligence in Slovenia consists in detailed information and advice on legal status of the property, commercial contracts and rental status on the building, regime in the Land Register and the legal history, tax regime and historical role, insurance regime and damage history, regime of access roads, utility infrastructure system, installed capacity and consumption. An expert evaluation of the good by due diligence in Slovenia also includes the special conditions applicable for tax and property regime.

In real estate due diligence services in Slovenia is also included the preparation of reports in order to summarize the legal, commercial, financial and tax statuses of the real estate good, needed to successfully conclude a contract. Further services should include taking an inheritance, establishment of the estate, identifying other heirs, takeover of a company and conclusion of a transaction.

The purpose of due diligence is to provide recommendations to enter into a transaction in the most beneficial manner or to avoid a disadvantageous transaction. Real estate due diligence in Slovenia also covers the field of finding solutions for owners in dispute with real estate developers.

Contact our specialized Slovenian lawyers for further information about real estate due diligence and benefit from customized advice in any transaction or contract you want to conclude.



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