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Open a Company in Slovenia

Open a Company in Slovenia

Updated on Thursday 20th July 2017

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What are the types of legal entities I can register in Slovenia?

The types of legal entities which may be opened in Slovenia are the limited liability companies (D.O.O), the joint stock companies (D.D), the general partnerships (D.N.O), the limited partnerships (K.D) and limited partnerships by shares (K.D.D).
We invite you to watch a short video about the types of companies you can open in Slovenia:

A maximum number of 50 individuals or corporate bodies can establish a Slovenian limited liability company with a minimum share capital of EUR 7,500. The liability of these members is limited by their contribution to the capital. The management is assured by the general meeting of the shareholders, in case of major decisions, or by at least one manager, in case of daily decisions. 
The major businesses in Slovenia may be organized as Slovenian joint stock companies. A higher share capital of EUR 25,000 is necessary in order to start this type of business. The liability of its members is limited by their contribution to the capital. The major decisions are taken by the general meeting of the shareholders and the type of daily management can be one-tier model (assured by a management board) or two-tier model (assured by a management board and a supervisory board). The members of these authorities cannot be part of both bodies and are invested for a period of six years.
A Slovenian general partnership is formed by at least two partners, fully liable for the company’s liabilities. Unlike the companies, the general partnership doesn’t need to provide a minimum share capital. The partnership is based on a set of rules, established in the partnership agreement. The management of this type of entity is made by all the general partners without restrictions.
The Slovenian limited partnership is formed by a silent partner, which must bring a contribution in the entity and is liable for the company’s debts in the limit of this contribution and a general partner with unlimited liability in the partnership. A general partner has all the decisional power, but in case of liquidation his/her personal assets are not protected.
At least five persons can establish a limited partnership by shares in Slovenia. Their liabilities are determined by their contribution to the capital. Unlike the classic partnerships, the general partners cannot take all the decisional power during the general meetings of the shareholders.

What are the steps for incorporation of a company in Slovenia?

The process of company incorporation Slovenia is one of the simplest in Europe, due to the one-stop-shop (e-VEM) where all the necessary documents can be registered in order to be recorded at all the authorities (in the Business Register, at the Tax Authorities, at the Health Institute and the Statistical Office of Slovenia). Before registering at the one-stop-shop, the legal entities must open a bank account and deposit the necessary share capital and must draft the articles of association in a special form.

What is the minimum share capital of DOO and DD in Slovenia?

The limited liability companies (DOO) must have a share capital of at least 7,500 EUR at incorporation, while the joint stock companies (DD) must deliver at least 25,000 EUR.

What documents are required for the incorporation of a company in Slovenia?

In order to incorporate a new entity in Slovenia, the following documents must be delivered at one of the e-VEM offices - the receipt from the bank stating that the minimum share capital was deposited and the articles of association drafted in a special form. In case of a partnership, instead of the articles, the partners must deliver the partnership agreement.

How quickly can I incorporate my company in Slovenia?

The process of company incorporation of a Slovenian company requires two simple steps and only one working week before it becomes official.
The procedure of company formation in Slovenia is easy to accomplish and your future Slovenian company will have all the chances of becoming renowned and succsesful.
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