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Open a Business in Slovenia

Open a Business in Slovenia

Updated on Friday 25th November 2016

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How easy is it to set up a business in Slovenia?

The process of company incorporation is among the easiest in the world, taking only one working week due to the centralized one-stop-shop. The investors must be aware that there is a minimum share capital that has to be deposited at registration, 7,500 EUR for a limited liability company and 25,000 EUR in case of a joint stock company.

How easy is it to hire personnel in Slovenia?

The workforce from Slovenia is recognized as being well trained and prepared to face any types of challenges. It is advisable to contact an employment agency in order to find the suitable candidates for the vacant places in the company. If not, other methods of finding employees are via the job websites and newspapers. The last methods are considered time consuming, but much cheaper.

What are the main points of interest for foreign investors?

Slovenia is situated in a very advantageous geographical location in Central Europe having borders with Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, this facilitating the trades and the communication with some of the largest markets in Europe.
Various incentives are granted to the investors, such as a reduction of the usual corporate income tax; financial incentives for hiring and training or retraining people and the Grant Scheme Project which encourages the foreign entrepreneurs to make their investments here. Certain businesses opened in some regions may also benefit from special incentives, such as the businesses opened in the Pomurje region and the Bela Krajina sub-region. The membership in EU since 2004 is creating a credible image in the world and attracts foreign investments every year.

What are the advantages of a holding company in Slovenia?

A holding company is usually an instrument of having control in other companies which becomes inefficient in certain situations. One of these situations is the one when the holding company is facing the necessity of paying corporate income taxes both in the country of origin and in Slovenia. That’s the reason why double tax treaties were signed all over the years, in order to avoid this. The withholding taxes on dividends, interests and royalties paid to non-residents are subject to a smaller or exempt withholding tax.
If you want to find out more about how to register a company, you may contact our lawyers in Slovenia.


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