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Open a Bank Account in Slovenia

Open a Bank Account in Slovenia

Updated on Tuesday 02nd May 2017

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Open-a-Bank-Account-in-Slovenia.jpgForeign businessmen, as well as foreign natural persons, can open a bank account in Slovenia. However, the regulations are different, as businessmen opening a company in Slovenia will have to provide more information on the newly formed company when setting up the bank account. It can be registered with one of the commercial banks available in Slovenia and our team of Slovenian lawyers can offer advice on the main steps that have to be completed in this sense. 

Requirements for Slovenian legal entities 

When opening a bank account in Slovenia, the legal entities will be required to provide a set of information, as presented below: 
the Slovenian tax number;
the company’s registration documents
the residence permit of the applicant. 

Types of bank accounts in Slovenia  

Persons interested in this procedure should know that they may choose from a wide set of bank accounts types. Companies in Slovenia can open payments accounts, as long as they perform payment services. Through the payment accounts, parties included in the respective commercial activity may perform payment transactions
Legal entities can also set up a joint payment account, which can be opened for various transactions established by minimum two natural persons or legal entities. Our lawyers in Slovenia can offer more details on the main steps that have to be observed when setting up a joint payment account
Natural persons living in Slovenia may set up a savings account, which is created exclusively for savings purposes. It is important to mention that this type of account does not allow the conclusion of transactions.
Foreigners in Slovenia will generally need to provide the following set of documents when opening a bank account in this country: 
an identity card (or a valid passport);
a tax identification number issued by the Slovenian authorities;
the tax identification number in the country in which the foreign applicant is a resident. 
Persons interested in receiving more information on this topic are invited to contact our Slovenian law firm for legal advice. 


  • Carrie 2017-04-29

    Thank you for the information! I want to open a bank account as a natural person.

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