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Marriage Registration in Slovenia

Marriage Registration in Slovenia

Updated on Friday 05th June 2015

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Couples who want to make their relationship official and choose to get married in Slovenia need to register the marriage at the Slovenian Marriage Registry Office.  Only the civil ceremony is legally binding in Slovenia, but couples can hold a religious ceremony in Slovenia afterwards. 
Slovenia is a marriage destination not only for foreigners who marry Slovene citizens, but also for foreigners who want a beautiful ceremony in a country with iconic landscapes.

Marriage registration procedure in Slovenia

If you decide to get married in Slovenia, the first step is to register the marriage at a Marriage Registry Office. Both partners must sign the registrar in the administrative unit (the area) in which the marriage will take place. Marriages can be registered in advance, in a time-span of approximately six months to two weeks before the wedding. 
Usually, marriage records contain basic information about the bride and the groom and also about the witnesses: the date and place of the marriage, the groom’s and bride’s names, ages, places of birth, parent’s names and religion.
A marriage certificate is issued after a civil marriage in Slovenia. Our lawyers in Slovenia can help you throughout the marriage registration procedure.

Necessary documents for marriage registration in Slovenia

When signing the registration, couples declare that they are observing the necessary conditions for a valid marriage and that they are making the decision according to their own free will. Couples must provide the following documents for marriage registration in Slovenia:
- birth certificates;
- a certificate that proves the persons are currently single and able to marry;
- documents attesting a previous divorce or the death of a previous husband/wife, if applicable;
- passports.
Foreign couples must provide all of the necessary documentation translated into Slovene by a certified translator.
Civil marriages in Slovenia are valid in other countries. For more information about the marriage procedure in Slovenia or if you are interested in buying a property, please contact our law firm in Slovenia.


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