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Legal Services in Slovenia

Legal Services in Slovenia

Updated on Thursday 24th November 2016

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Our attorneys in Slovenia provide clients with a wide range of legal services. Our offer includes a complete package of services. We give each and every client the necessary attention and time in order to perfectly understand his case. After that we will create a strategy that will suit his/her business needs. 

We invite you to watch a short video about the main legal services our law firm in Slovenia offers for local and international clients:

Open a company in Slovenia

There are different types of structures available in Slovenia for entrepreneurs wishing to start their business in this country. We provide our clients with both qualified consultancy in this matter and also complementary services in order to create the perfect solution. These services can include assistance in documentation related matters, accounting services, domiciliation and others.

Assistance in obtaining various types of permits and licenses for your business in Slovenia

Each business is different and most of them require different types of permits and licenses. Our Slovenian law firm has managed over the years to help clients obtain different types of authorizations, permits and licenses in legal, accounting, financial and employments matters.

Establishment of branches and subsidiaries in Slovenia

Most foreign investors entering the Slovenian market start with either a branch or a subsidiary, and in time, as they grow, their investments also increase. These types of companies are both subordinated to their parent company and are somewhat similar to one another; however the branch doesn’t have the legal personality. For more information about the differences and similarities between these two types of entities please contact our law firm in Slovenia.

Dissolution procedure for Slovenian companies

There are specific procedures to follow when liquidating a company in Slovenia.  Weather the owner finds himself in a bankruptcy procedure or he simply want to retire from his business, our lawyers are here to advise and offer him the proper law compliant solution.

Holding companies, mergers and acquisitions in Slovenia

If choosing to work with our Slovenian lawyers, you will benefit from the extensive expertise they gathered in business and commercial law. Mergers and acquisitions are complex procedures that must be treated with the highest attention since they involve large amounts of capital and may influence the employment status of numerous people.

Business litigation in Slovenia

Clients in need of representation in front of the courts of Slovenia can rely on our litigation attorneys. They had the opportunity to represent clients in various business law cases.

Tax advice and planning

Last but not least, our company can put you in contact with our qualified accountants and financial experts who would provide you with the proper tax advice and consultancy in Slovenia

Please contact our Slovenian law firm for more information regarding all services we can help you with.



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