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Legal Requirements for a Residence Permit in Slovenia

Legal Requirements for a Residence Permit in Slovenia

Updated on Friday 05th June 2015

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Residence Permit in Slovenia

The legal requirements for a residence permit in Slovenia depend on the nationality of the individual who wishes to enter the country. Members of EU and EEA countries do not need to obtain entry permits or residence permits if their stay in the country does not exceed a certain amount of time. All other citizens need to follow specific procedures.
Our Slovenian lawyers can help you if you want to work or live in Slovenia.

Citizens of EU and EEA countries in Slovenia

Citizens belonging to an EU or EEA country only need a valid identity card or a valid passport to be able to enter the Republic of Slovenia. This is applicable for periods that do not exceed three months. If foreign citizens stay longer than three months in Slovenia, they need to register the residence in the country.
The application for a residence registration certificate can be submitted after the three months have passed or immediately after arrival, if the individual knows that he or she will stay longer than three months in Slovenia. The application must be submitted at an administrative unit in the area of the residence and the necessary documents for the application include: 
- a proof of employment in Slovenia: a document indicating an employer’s intention for employment or an already existent employment contract;
- a proof of self-employment, if the individual is self-employed in Slovenia;
- a proof of admission from a Slovenian university or other form of education for students who attend courses in Slovenia;
- proof of family reunion and proof of the means of subsistence.
The residence registration certificate in Slovenia is available for five years, after which it can be renewed under the same conditions. Our attorneys in Slovenia can help you apply for a residence permit in Slovenia.

Third-country nationals in Slovenia

Individuals who come from non-EU and non-EEA countries are considered third-country nationals and the legal requirements for residing in Slovenia are slightly different for them. A visa is mandatory for any purpose, including touristic activities, business or personal purposes. The visa can be obtained from a consulate of the Republic of Slovenia.
The types of residence permits in Slovenia available for third-country nationals are temporary residence permits, permanent residence permits, employment permits or permits for the purpose of family reunion. The registration of the temporary residence in Slovenia is mandatory within three days of receiving the temporary residence permit
Our Slovenian attorneys can provide complete information about working in Slovenia and buying a property here. Please contact our lawyers for detailed information. 


  • Elena Tepukhina 2017-05-30

    Good day! I'm interested in getting temporary residence in Slovenia through investing in company being the director. Available investments around 50,000 euro. Please, can you advice possible variants. Not interested in moving to live to Slovenia. Thank you in advance! Elena

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