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Land Registry in Slovenia

Land Registry in Slovenia

Updated on Wednesday 11th January 2017

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The Land Register is owned and managed by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia and contains legal facts related to properties, such as mortgages, owners and easements. Public electronic access to the Land Register in Slovenia is available either online, and in this case it is free of charge but requires creating an account, either at all local courts, notaries and administrative units, where individuals may obtain a certified copy of an extract from the Land Register in Slovenia, in exchange for a fee.

Procedure of land registration in Slovenia

  1. The seller receive an extract from the Land Registry in Slovenia

This extract is a proof of ownership of the seller and contains all transactions regarding the respective property. This action should not take more than several days to be completed.

  1. The seller files a declaration to the Tax Authorities in Slovenia and the respective property is assessed

The seller will file the tax declaration within 15 days after the purchase and from that point on the Tax Authorities have 30 days to assess the land

  1. Payment of the Real Estate Transfer Tax or VAT Tax in Slovenia

The VAT tax is only mandatory for new real estate; otherwise the taxpayer will be responsible with payment of the real estate transfer tax. This particular type of tax must be paid within 15 days from the purchase. From that moment the Tax Authorities will assess the property within a 30 days period of time. The VAT rate for transfer of property is 20%, except the transfer of apartments, residential and other buildings for permanent living, which call for 8.5%

  1. Certification of signature and presentation of the proposal to the Land Registry in Slovenia

The owner of the real estate must submit an explicit and unconditional declaration to the Land Registry in Slovenia acknowledging that his right over the respective property is being transferred to the buyer, and will, from that moment on, be registered on the buyer’s name. The Property Act states that the seller’s signature on the registration clause must be certified by a public notary. It is compulsory for all taxes to be paid before the signature is certified.

  1. The property is being registered by the new owner at the Land Register in Slovenia

The Local Land Registry Court initiates the registration process for the entry of title in the Land Register , on the basis of the Land Registry proposal. The submission should be electronically submitted to the Court and usually it requires the intermediary assistance of a public notary or lawyer and a real-estate agency acting on behalf of the applicant. The proposal is sent to a central unit of the court which automatically assigns it to the least busy local court, which will register the property on the buyer’s name.

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