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Intellectual Property Laws in Slovenia

Intellectual Property Laws in Slovenia

Updated on Friday 05th June 2015

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Slovenia became increasingly more attractive for foreign investors over the years due to its open and beneficial economic and legislative climate, skilled workforce, excellent transport and ITC infrastructure, strategic position the center of Europe, its value chains, industry clusters and centers of excellence. The country offers advantageous conditions for study and development, therefore the intellectual property regulations are an important part of the country’s legislation.

Intellectual property in the Republic of Slovenia is regulated by the Copyright and Related Rights Act published on the 30th of March 1995. This act provides laws protecting the rights of:

  • - Authors for their works of literature, science and art. These are copyright laws.
  • - Performers, producers, broadcasting organizations and publishers. These are referred to as related rights.

There are also regulations within the Act referring to the individual and collective management and enforcement of copyright and related rights.  All works protected by this act must first be made available to the public, with the consent of the right holder. This disclosure usually takes the form of publication of the respective work.

Copyright works, as defined by the Right Act are individual intellectual creations expressed in any mode, in the domain of literature, science and art. The author of a work protected by copyright laws is entitled to exclusive moral and economic rights over its creation.

All types of adaptation, arrangements, translation and transformations of an existing work, will be deemed independent works. However, the Slovenian intellectual property law clearly states that the rights of authors of original work must not be infringed by these transformations. For more detailed and personalized information it would be advisable to ask for the legal advice of a qualified attorney in Slovenia.

There are several areas not protected by copyright laws, such as ideas, principles, discoveries, official texts, such as legislative or judicial texts, or for literary and artistic creations that belong to the Slovenian folklore.

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