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Family Law in Slovenia

Family Law in Slovenia

Updated on Friday 05th June 2015

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Family-Law-in-Slovenia.jpgFamily Law in Slovenia represents a part of the national Slovenian law that relates to the legal duties and responsabilities of individuals who are in a domestic relation. It includes the regulations regarding marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, domestic violence and others aspects deriving from the mentioned ones. Family Law in Slovenia is an important part of the legal system, indicating the care and concern that the Slovenian government offers to this basic cell of the society- the family.  

In Slovenia the family regulations are established by the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

The fundamental legal source regarding family law in Slovenia is The law on marriage and family relations that was adopted back in 1976. Although Slovenia became an independent state in 1991, this act that was passed when Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia, is still in force nowadays. The law on marriage and family relations has been renewed several times; the latest change ware made in 2004 with alterations in the field of custody and raising children. This law is divided in seven parts, starting with the introductory provisions: “This law shall regulate marriage, relations between parents and children and among other relatives, adoption, fostering and the protection of the rights and benefits of young children and other persons who are not capable of taking care of themselves.” The rest of the law’s content refers to marriage in Slovenia, relations between parents and children, adoption, fostering, guardianship and it concludes with the transitional and final provisions.

Another important act when it comes to family law in Slovenia is the Constitution of Republic of Slovenia adopted in 1991. Chapter II of the Constitution, “Human Rights and fundamental freedom,” states the family relations principles, underlining the protection that the state provides both to the children and the parents.

In January 2007 the authorities that administer the Slovenian family law adopted The parental protection and family benefits act that regulates the rights deriving from parental protection insurance and the benefits that families are provided by the state.

Family violence prevention act is also part of the Slovenian law regarding family; in 2009 Slovenia has adopted a Resolution on the 2009-2014 national programme on prevention of family violence.

Slovenian legislation has also implemented the EU Mediation Directive, one of its chapters describing the specific rules on mediation procedure in family issues.

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