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EORI Registration in Slovenia

EORI Registration in Slovenia

Updated on Monday 28th November 2016

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EORI is the acronym for Economic Operator Registration Identification, and represents a customs number attributed to each corporate entity handling trading activities within the EU. The European Union introduced this initiative with the specific purpose of helping traders have an easier communication with the customs officials in each country for import and export procedures and documentation.

All Slovenian businesses handling import and export activities can register for an EORI number and use it as an identifier for trades or movements of goods under a transit procedure within all the EU member states for various types of declarations and documents. EORI numbers for Slovenia start with the letters SI, which is the standard for this country, and are followed by 12 digit number based on the trader’s VAT number. There are also smaller ‘dummy’ EORI numbers issued for non VAT registered companies. Branches or divisions don’t qualify for EORI registration in Slovenia.

What documents are required when registering for EORI in Slovenia?

When registering for an EORI number in Slovenia, companies must provide original official documents stating data like their name, address and date of establishment, type of legal entity, contact information and VAT identification number. Owners of the companies must also sign the following declarations:

  •          -declaration acknowledging that they were informed that the publication of EORI number is not compulsory;
  •          -declaration that they did not submit a request for EORI registration in another EU member state other that Slovenia;
  •          -declaration that they will inform the Slovenian Authorities about any change regarding their personal data as soon as possible.

If the application is not signed by the responsible person but by a legal representative, then a letter of authorization for representation is mandatory. Official translation into English of all documents is also required.

What is the procedure for EORI registration in Slovenia?

The responsible person or legal representative of this person must file an application for an EORI number together with all requested documents to the Ministry of Finance. They will receive the assigned EORI number via e-mail of fax stated in the completed form.

Please contact our law firm in Slovenia for further details and perfonalized consultancy in this matter.



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