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Debt Collection in Slovenia

Debt Collection in Slovenia

Updated on Friday 25th November 2016

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Taxes-in-Slovenia.jpgThe process of debt collection can be hard for an individual not used to it. Even though in the beginning the creditor is trying to collect the debt himself in an amicable way, it is advisable that for high outstanding liabilities, a debt collection agency or a law firm in Slovenia to be hired. 

The debt collection agencies or the law firms hired to collect the debt can begin this process in an amicable way, by sending notifications to the indebted and trying to reach settlements with him/her. Usually all the communication methods are used: by telephone, by email, by post. In certain cases, the creditor can agree to receive equal installments for the outstanding amount of cash, or for receiving a smaller amount as long as it is delivered in time and the difference is not big between the initial amount and the actual amount.
We invite you to watch a video about the debt collection procedures, presented by our lawyers in Slovenia:

If the above procedures fail, the debt collection agency or the law firm can begin the process of litigation. Before beginning it, a final notification is delivered to the debtor, stating the fact that, if the claim is not covered on time, the legal procedures will be initiated.
Usually, at this stage, the debtors chose to pay the liabilities scared by the possibility of facing a legal procedure that can be more expansive and takes a longer period of time, unlike the amicable procedure. In the first stage, the initial expanses are covered by the claimants, but the debtors must consider the fact that, if the decision is against them, all the court fees, other related expenses and the value of the claim must be covered by them.
The following documents must be delivered before starting the process of litigation:
- a registration proof from the Business Registry of the entity,
- copies of the overdue invoices,
- shipping documents signed by the indebted,
- an account statement with current status of the indebted,
- a power of attorney investing the lawyer to represent the creditor.
A legal procedure can be applicable if the monetary funds of the indebted can be found and if the judgment can be delivered in Slovenia. In case the decision is accepted, the indebted must cover the claim and if not, the regular lawsuit can start.
In a regular lawsuit, the judge will first gather all the necessary information and then will appoint a hearing where both sides are present and can defend their sides. The decision taken by the judge is delivered to both sides in written and is enforceable immediately. 
The debt collection agencies and the law firms are more familiar with this type of cases and can have more success than the individual procedures taken by the creditors.
If you need more details about the debt recovery, you may contact our law firm in Slovenia.


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