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Buying a property in Slovenia

Buying a Property in Slovenia

Updated on Monday 28th November 2016

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After Slovenia became a member of the European Union back in 2004, citizens of the European Union were given the right to freely buy properties in Slovenia without encountering any restrictions. However there are special procedures to follow when buying agricultural land, for example.

Law of reciprocity applies in Slovenia

Since February 2013, foreigners were able to buy properties in Slovenia on a reciprocal basis, following the reciprocity principle verified by the Ministry of Justice, based on the Law of Reciprocity. A non-EU citizen that wishes to buy a property in Slovenia needs to apply for the establishment of reciprocity to the Ministry of Justice, with a series of documents, such as: a notarized copy of the passport, a statement of the purpose of purchasing the respective property, and a document that contains details of the property, issued by the Surveying and Mapping Authority. In addition, an administrative fee is charged.

How to buy a property in Slovenia

The first step one must take in order to buy a property in Slovenia is to obtain a tax number and an EMSO number from the local authority where the property is based. It usually takes around three days. The second step is to hire a real estate agent. Even if the buyer has decided on what property to buy, it is advisable to use the services of a real estate company or of a real estate agent. In Slovenia the status of the real estate agents is regulated by a law, they must be licensed and registered so you can rest assure that the services are professional.
Our lawyers in Slovenia can explain all the legal procedures of buying a property in Slovenia. Contact our law firm in Slovenia and you will have access to all the legal procedures. Our experienced Slovenian lawyers are at your service for any question or information. In addition, we can also offer assitance if you plan on opening a company in Slovenia or if you are interested in the Slovenian taxation system.

It is mandatory to hire a real estate agent

Once a real estate agent has been hired, the agent will be in charge of contacting the seller and present the buyer’s offer. If the offer is accepted, then a contract will be drafted and translated. As for the fee, there is a 10 percentage deposit that needs to be created upon signing. 

Title search is to be performed

The next step is to perform a title search. As the Land Registry has a modernized system and the Slovenian due diligence is performed rapidly, this step can take up to two working days. It can be made directly by the buyer or with a real estate agent’s help. However, the buyer has to translate all the documents in order to avoid future problems.

The final step is made by the real estate agent

The final step of buying a property in Slovenia lies in the attributions of the real estate agent that needs to prepare a copy of the land registry entry, a community confirmation proving that no communal rights have been claimed again the property and an official evaluation in order to correctly pay the taxes. After all the documents have been gathered, the buyer needs to make the final payment to the seller. The whole procedure of buying a property in Slovenia can take between 95 days and 124 days.
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