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Investment Opportunities in Slovenia


Slovenia offers numerous investment opportunities in several economic fields. With a strong economy, more and more companies developed in the field of innovative products and services, one of the main sectors that will further increase in this country. By 2016Slovenia recognized more than 7,000 innovators and 2,400 innovative products. At the level of 2016, the Slovenian Innovation Forum awarded prizes for innovative products that can be used in the fields of automotive or healthcare and our team of lawyers in Slovenia can assist with legal advice on the incentives available for innovative companies

Slovenian Unemployment Rate at the Lowest Value in the Last Eight Years


The unemployment rate in Slovenia marked the lowest value registered in the last eight years. In the third quarter of 2017, the unemployment rate reached 6.3%, as stated by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, registering a similar value with the one in the third quarter of 2009 (6.2%). At the level of September 2017, there were 66,000 unemployed persons and, at the moment, the companies in Slovenia declared that 16,500 new jobs will be created on the local market in the first half of 2018Our team of Slovenian lawyers can assist with legal advice on the employment regulations applicable here. 

Local Regulations for Public - Private Partnerships in Slovenia

Private - public partnerships in Slovenia are established for several types of activities, especially for infrastructure projects. These types of partnerships can be set up by both natural persons and legal entities and foreign parties are also eligible for participation. The private - public projects are regulated under the Law on Public - Private Partnership, which can be detailed by our team of Slovenian lawyers

Business Climate for Investments in Slovenia


Slovenia offers an attractive business climate for investments performed by both local and foreign businessmen. The local government is constantly imposing new measures to support the innovation of the Slovenian business market, the inflow of foreign direct investments or the development of the companies’ productivity. One of the top advantages of the Slovenian market, compared to other European jurisdictions, is the local support for the investments in the field of research and development and our team of Slovenian lawyers can assist foreign businessmen with in-depth legal advice on the legislation referring to this sector. 

IMF: The Forecast on the Slovenian GDP Growth, Raised at 4%


The forecast on the Slovenian gross domestic product (GDP) was drastically revised by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The projections for 2017 have been modified from the previous estimate of 2,5% to 4%, revealing a more solid economy. More importantly, the projections for 2018 were increased from 2% to 2,5%. The data was confirmed in the latest edition of the World Economic Outlook, provided by the IMF. Investors interested in starting a business here are invited to find out further information on the policies provided by the local goverment for investment purposes from our team of lawyers in Slovenia

Slovenia will Impose Eco-Friendly Regulations for the Local Transportation System by 2030


By 2030, the Slovenian government will impose new regulations for the transportation system. Through the new rules,  vehicles which run on alternative fuels will be better represented on the local market, while the classic types of vehicles (running on diesel and petrol) will be banned from registration. Companies selling vehicles running on classic types of fuels should know that the local legislation does not strictly prohibit the registration, but the regulations for the car’s carbon footprint allow at the moment only the registration of eco-friendly vehiclesOur team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer in-depth information on the legislation related to the local transportation system

New State Aid Regulation Adopted in Slovenia


New state aid regulation was adopted in Slovenia by the local authorities with the aim of supporting companies and cooperatives in financial difficulty. According to this new law, the Slovenian companies which face economic problems can access support mechanisms without notifying the European Commission. Our lawyers in Slovenia can give you an in-depth presentation of the provisions of this new state aid regulation.  

Strong Economic Growth in Slovenia in Q2


The Statistics Office in Slovenia announced an expansion of the economy by 4.4% in the second quarter of the year compared to the same quarter in 2016. Exports, domestic consumption and household expenditures are accounted for the strong economic growth in Slovenia in Q2. These figures have surpassed the IMF expectations about the economic growth of Slovenia in 2017. Our team of Slovenian lawyers can give you details about the business legislation in any sector of the economy.


New Incentives for Foreign Investments in Slovenia

The local government in Slovenia drafted a bill that will offer new investment incentives for both local and foreign investors. The aim of the project is to create a unified system for investment purposes, operating under the same structure at a regional and national level. Investors interested in opening a company in Slovenia may benefit from the provisions of the new legislation starting with the beginning of 2018 and our team of Slovenian lawyers can offer in-depth assistance on the main regulations available in this case. 

Increased Number of Foreign Tourists on the Slovenian Coast Starting 2017


The tourism industry in Slovenia can offer attractive business opportunities, as the number of tourists is increasing. Investors interested to start a business in Slovenia in this field should know that the employees working in the coastal regions of the country are expecting  a large number of foreign visitors, especially in the most famous coastal citiesOur team of lawyers in Slovenia can offer more details on the necessary permits that can be required when operating in this field, depending on the company’s business activities. 

IMF: Slovenian Economy to Grow by 3% in 2017


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that the Slovenian economy will grow by 3% throughout this year, an increase which represents a stronger prospect for 2017 than the original prediction, which situated the local economy at a growth of 1.8%. Businessmen interested in registering a company in Slovenia can have very attractive prospects in various fields and our team of Slovenian lawyers can offer legal assistance on the main legal framework regulating the local industries. 

Slovenian Companies Increased Their Profits by Nearly 70%


Doing business in Slovenia could offer numerous prospects for local and foreign investors. In 2016, the Slovenian companies increased their profits by almost 70% compared to the previous year. The overall profits (calculated on a net profit basis) amounted for EUR 3,187 billion. At the same time, it is important to know that the level of employment increased as well and our team of Slovenian lawyers can offer more information on the employment legislation applicable in this country.

VAT changes in Slovenia effective starting with 1 January 2015


Slovenia has made some changes to its VAT Act starting with 1 January 2015. The main changes concern the taxation for telecommunication services, administrative changes for the Customs and Tax Authorities and the manner in which foreign businesses conduct their activities in the telecommunication sector. Our attorneys in Slovenia can answer any additional question you might have if you are interested in investing in Slovenia and want to know more about the Value Added Tax.