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A Guide to Slovenian Courts

A Guide to Slovenian Courts

Updated on Friday 05th June 2015

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A-Guide-to-Slovenian-CourtsThe Slovenian Courts Act is the main legal framework that regulates the jurisdiction and compositions of the judicial system. The judiciary in Slovenia is made up of courts of first instance: 44 county courts and 11 district courts, and 2 bodies that act as appellate courts: 4 higher courts and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia. In extraordinary cases the Constitutional Court can revise the rulings of the Supreme Court.

Aside from the civil and criminal courts, there are also 2 specialized courts:  

  • ·         the Labor and Social Courts with the High Labor-Social Court that acts as an appellate body
  • ·         the Administrative Court on the Republic of Slovenia.

The county (local) courts in Slovenia

The Slovenian county courts, also known as first instance courts, have jurisdiction over less serious criminal cases, civil lawsuits over real estate claims when the value of the property in dispute does not exceed 2.000.000 SIT or 8.300 euros, lawsuits on trespassing or lease related matters. Local courts in Slovenia have 3 more divisions:

  • ·         The legacy and non-contentious department that will rule in cases of non-litigious disputes
  • ·         Enforcement of judgments department
  • ·         The land register department.

The district courts in Slovenia

The Slovenian district courts are in charge with trials  for property related matters when the real estate property exceeds 2.000.000 SIT, cases of family relations, intellectual property, cases that surpass the jurisdiction of local courts and cases of commercial or business litigation.  District courts in Slovenia are made up of Commercial claims department and the Companies Registry.

The Slovenian higher courts

The higher courts in Slovenia have an appellate role and are empowered to rule over decisions made by local and district courts. Higher courts can also rule over jurisdiction problems between the local and district court.

The Labor and Social Courts in Slovenia

The Slovenian Labor and Social Courts act as first instance district courts and are ruled by the Labor and Social Courts Act. The Labor and Social Courts have the right to rule over Slovenian employment issues between employer and employee, collective agreement matters and all the problems that could arise in employment relations. In case of social matters the Social court will rule upon pension, unemployment, health insurances and social and family earnings.

The Administrative Court in Slovenia

The Administrative Court in Slovenia is ruled by the Administrative Dispute Act and is split into 5 departments that decide over public finances matters, property related matters, protection of people's rights, issues regarding environmental and construction violations and a department for customs and taxes.

 The Slovenian Supreme Court

The Supreme Court in Slovenia is the highest ranked and acts as an appellate body. Its main function is of court of cassation. It has jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases, commercial and administrative cases and labor and social trials. The Slovenian Supreme Court also decides in jurisdiction matters between the local and district courts. The Supreme Court is divided into 7 departments that deal with criminal cases, civil cases, commercial disputes cases, labor and social security trials, administrative cases, registry and cases of international cooperation.


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