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Lawyers in Slovenia
Lawyers in Slovenia
Legal services in Slovenia

Lawyers in Slovenia

We are experienced Slovenian lawyers, with a strong background in financial and corporate law, who offer a wide range of legal services.

Litigation cases

Our lawyers will represent you in litigations in any courts.

Open a company

We help you set up any type of company in Slovenia.


Do you need permits/licenses for your business? Contact us.

Company liquidation

Legal assistance for company dissolution in Slovenia.

Debt collection

Do you want to recover a debt? Contact us for assistance.

Tax advice/planning

Do your want to know how to minimize the taxes? Contact us.

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Law Firm in Slovenia

Law Firm in Slovenia

Updated on Thursday 07th December 2017

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For legal entities our law firm in Slovenia is able to offer a wide range of services, from the incorporation procedure of a company with the certain certification for the necessary documents, to writing the entries to the Trade Registry, consultancy in Commercial Law, Tax Law, Labor Law, industrial property, assistance and representation before of the courts in Slovenia.

Litigation cases in Slovenia

Representing our clients before Slovenian courts is one legal field where we excel, as our lawyers in Slovenia have accumulated rich experience on representing clients in any legal issue, including commercial litigation cases, taxation, Employment Law and intellectual property rights cases.

With an intense activity, our lawyers in Slovenia have established a well defined structure based on a solid and thorough specialized training in any legal field.

Following the initial consultation, our attorneys in Slovenia will analyze the case and you will be informed since the beginning about the real chances of obtaining your rights and the ways to achieve it by following well-structured legal strategies.


You may find out more details on our law firm in Slovenia from the next presentation:  

Open a company in Slovenia

When you are interested in opening a company in Slovenia, you should firstly be informed about the legal provisions in this area. Even though the procedure is not complicated, the law may become tortuous and the entire procedure requests time, energy and money, but asking for professional advice remains the best solution in this case. In this sense, contact our  law firm in Slovenia as it relies on experienced lawyers who are able to help you incorporate any type of business, by following the exact legal provisions.

Our law firm in Slovenia will provide services for all the phases required for opening a company, from the bank account for depositing the initial capital of the company, to the drafting of specific articles of association necessary for incorporation, until the depositing of all the required documents.

Debt collection in Slovenia

Debt collection is another field where our law firm in Slovenia is able to offer complete services. When you encounter problems in collecting the debts, count on our Slovenian lawyers work and the case will turn in your favor.

Our lawyers in Slovenia will guide you to the proper solution in order to recover the debts, by using a solid background in this field, efficient strategies and a good knowledge of the legal framework. We are able to sustain you since the beginning by starting the amiable settlement and, when this measure fails, we go further by submitting the case before the competent court. We also sustain you in all the further actions, including attachment, seizure and other post-trial activity.

Tax advice and planning in Slovenia

As we know how important the tax compliance for your business is, our affiliate law firm in Slovenia is able to take care of any issue in this field, from the VAT registration, to fiscal and tax concordance, payroll services and any other financial issue regarding to your company activity.

By working with professionals from other areas, such as accountants, management and financial experts, our law firm in Slovenia will assure your company’s financial well-being by offering services for your regular activity, as well as for new projects you want to involve in.

Double tax treaties in Slovenia

Our law firm in Slovenia also puts emphasis on the avoidance of double taxation applied in case of foreign investments. In this sense, any foreign entrepreneur may ask our lawyers about the double tax treaties available in Slovenia in order to find out and to apply for the tax benefits provided by these official agreements.    

Company liquidation in Slovenia

When you want to close your business in Slovenia you must follow certain steps, as provided by the law, and for this it is better to ask for our lawyers’ advice. Our law firm in Slovenia is able to conduct this operation to optimum and harmless result, no matter the reason that led to the liquidation of your company. So, wheatear the company closes because of the decision taken by the general meeting of the shareholders, the general members of a partnership or after the decision issued by the competent court, our lawyers in Slovenia will help you in this action by finding appropriate solutions and applying the law in your favor. 

Please feel free to contact our Slovenian law firm for more information regarding our services and a personalized consultancy. If you are interested in company formation and legal services in other countries, such as Macedonia, we can put you in touch with our local partners. 




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